house account FAQs
Interested in using House Accounts provided by inKind but don't know where to begin? Here we show you how to get the most out of them.
First things first: House Accounts are awesome.

They are high-value credit purchases that come with a bonus. For example, you can pay $500 for $600 in credit to use at your favorite restaurant. This way you support the restaurant by giving them capital upfront to use for improvements and investments, and you get extra money to spend on fantastic food and drinks.

We at inKind provide the technology to make using House Accounts easier than ever. Scroll down to find out how.
Getting started with your first House Account
Download the inKind app on your iOS or Android device. Sign up and purchase your first House Account.
Tap on "Pay" in the inKind app to redeem your credit. After entering the amount of your bill, you will be prompted to tip your waiter (unless you are visiting a no-tipping location).
Alternatively, you can purchase a House Account from a restaurant-specific landing page and make your first redemption there. You will still need to download the inKind app to manage your House Account after your first redemption.
The inKind app allows you to reload credit, purchase new House Accounts, gift credit to friends and family, refer private events, and do so much more. Scroll down to find out.
Navigating the inKind app
Buy more get more
The more credit you purchase, the more credit inKind gives you for free. It's that simple! We are dedicated to building strong relationships between restaurants and diners, and reward you for being a loyal patron.
Make it personal
Set up a profile in the inKind app, and let the restaurant know what you look like, what food and drinks you prefer, and what kind of experience you are looking for. The managers and waiters will have everything ready as soon as you step into the restaurant.
The gift of food
Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or holiday, show your love by gifting part of your credit to friends and family. Everyone loves food, no?
Frequently asked questions
Does my credit expire?
The credit you purchase never expires, but the bonus credit you receive from inKind is only valid for three years. Paid credit is redeemed first, then bonus credit.
Can I tip with my credit?
Your credit cannot be used for tips, and you will need to add a credit card in the inKind app to tip. Alternatively, you can leave cash tips.
Can I pay with my House Account if I don't have access to the inKind app?
Yes! Just give the manager the name associated with your House Account, and they will take care of it for you. We still recommend that you have your inKind app with you for a smoother experience.