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Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Passion for food
Every member of our team is passionate about food in some way. That passion makes up a large part of our culture and drives our need to genuinely help our clients grow.
Passion for business & finance
Our clients are entrepreneurs building empires. A basic knowledge of business finance and a spirit of hustle are the traits we share with our clients.
We hire smart, responsible people. We may not know something, but if we're tasked to do it, we'll figure it out. We expect you to do the same, with minimal supervision.
Wear lots of hats
We believe in small teams doing great things, so we purposefully keep our team small and tight knit. That means you'll be expected to hold your own, no matter what tasks we give you.
VP of Sales
Grow the world's best restaurants through technology & finance. is a restaurant experience company. We allow restaurant owners to provide the best hospitality experience in the industry by using our house account management platform and mobile apps. We then finance the growth of a subset of our hospitality clients to allow them the most affordable restaurant capital in existence.

We envision a world where you walk into your favorite restaurants and the entire staff instantly recognize you, know all about you & your preferences, and provide you with a customized and unique experience. At the end of your amazing meal, you simply get up and walk out. No bill or taking out a credit card. Your experience is automatically deducted from your house account and your pre-set gratuity charged to your credit card.

We started this company by starting our own restaurant in Washington, D.C., Prequel. Prequel provides us with the domain expertise of managing a restaurant and a test playground to try out our latest features. Where else can you be a developer or marketer one day and a bartender the next? Sound fun? Join us!

The Role

We've spent the last 3 years perfecting our restaurant and finance expertise through a number of iterations. We've found our product market fit and our long term strategy. We're looking for a senior executive to join as Vice President of Sales, to be based in Austin, Texas. This hire will be responsible for building out the inKind sales organization and accelerating company growth as we embark on transforming the restaurant industry. You'll work closely with the entire inKind team and our clients to iterate our unique restaurant financing platform and our technology driven dining experience.

VP of Sales Responsibilities:

  • Manages all aspects of B2B sales and financing. Further develops a complete domestic and international (Australia) sales force inclusive of sales specialists, agents, representatives, distributors and channel sales partners.
  • Designs and implements scalable and replicable sales techniques and systems to be rolled out across the inKind sales network.
  • Designs, implements, and manages sales forecasting, planning and budgeting processes. Recommends and deploys infrastructure and systems to support the success of the sales function.
  • Works closely with CTO and VP of Operations to drive product roadmap and ensure sales growth.
  • Works closely with business development and marketing functions to establish successful partner and customer programs.
  • Oversees sales compensation plan development and administration; owns P&L responsibility for the worldwide sales organization


  • Experience growing the sales team of a technology-driven company.
  • Results oriented with experience in all aspects of worldwide technical sales management; expertise in identifying and capturing new business opportunities.
  • Experience in building, managing, and optimizing domestic and international sales channels.

Working at inKind

Here's what we offer:

  • A fun, foodie work environment in downtown Austin. We have a company house and cook fun and interesting things nightly. Better come hungry.
  • Competitive Salary
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Opportunity for equity in an early-stage startup
  • Flexible vacation & remote work (we don't micromanage number of vacation days. Traveling? That's cool, just make sure deadlines are met and you're good. Each of us travel all over the world very frequently.)
  • A lot of food and wine. Like, a ridiculous amount.

To apply, please send your resume to Include your resume and any relevant work you'd like to share.
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