Galley Foods

Alan Clifford & Ian Costello
Alan and Ian started Galley Foods, a prepared meals delivery service in Washington, DC, in 2015. After two years they have expanded across the northeast and are eager to be everyone's go-to for convenience and family-friendly dinners.
Celebrating their second birthday
Alan and Ian worked with inKind to coincide with Galley's second birthday, offering their best customers great deals on gift cards as a thank you for their continued business.
Upfront funding
Getting the capital upfront and leaving inKind to sell gift cards allowed Alan and Ian to act quickly and concentrate on expanding their business, not on raising money.
Increasing order frequency
In a competitive food city like DC, having users with large credit balances helps encourage them to pick Galley more often, increasing delivery numbers - a key metric for the business.
We handled everything
Though our expertise in marketing VIP Gift Cards, we took on promoting their business to current and new customers in the DC metro area. We even handled the purchase process.

See Galley's VIP Gift Card purchase page.
"Small businesses, helping other small businesses. It's what it's all about."

- Alan Clifford, CEO, Galley Foods

Alan Clifford
Founder & Owner
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