How We Market
inKind has sold $1.86m in gift cards to over 40 businesses. We've developed materials and strategies to maximize sales.
Recognizing that everyone interacts with marketing material differently, inKind takes a multi-medium approach to sell high-value gift cards. From in-store collateral* such as check presenters and posters, to email campaigns and social media messaging.
Marketing Methods
We've honed our process and become expert marketers of high-value gift cards.
Check Presenters
Physical collateral to be displayed on the table for guests to read after ordering or included when the check is dropped. These check presenters explain the high-value gift cards, display the offers and a link to the purchase page. They make it easy for your staff to sell gift cards - simply direct guests to check out the check presenter.
Full color, high quality, printed posters to be displayed by the host stand, in the bathrooms or another prominent place where guests typical wait or have time to stop and read. These attractive looking posters make guests at your restaurant aware of the ability to get bonus credit by pledging their loyalty to your restaurant.
Email Campaigns
Our marketing team will put together a drip campaign to convert your mailing list into gift card holders. Matching your restaurant's brand and color scheme, the emails will be on point and will use our tried and tested language to lead to sales.
Facebook Messaging
As the trend continues for guests to take to social media to contact with you, we have developed Facebook posts and other online messaging to engage your fans about the gift cards. Give us admin access to your page and we will take care of posting.
*inKind charges an additional fee for providing physical collateral. Email us for more information.
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