VIP Gift Cards by inKind
Get exclusive benefits and access at your favorite mission-driven, local businesses.
About inKind
We're a group of local business owners that finances mission-driven, local businesses. We believe that local businesses are important to the community and deserve the best financial services possible. Purchasing a VIP Gift Card at one of our restaurants fuels mission-driven local businesses all over the US.
What do you get?
VIP Gift Card holders enjoy exclusive benefits and access to their favorite local business.
Free Credit
If you're a frequent customer of the business, you'll enjoy getting up to $500 in free credit to spend at the business.
Give private feedback
As a VIP Gift Card holder, you'll have the opportunity to give private feedback to the business owner, helping them stay on their A game and look for new ways to grow.
Share credit with friends
Using the inKind app, you'll be able to share your love of the local business by sharing credit with friends and family.