Why us
inKind's expertise is marketing your restaurant to hundreds of high-dollar spenders and converting them to lifelong customers.
Our expertise is selling high-dollar gift cards.
Sometimes people ask "Can't I sell high dollar gift cards on my own?" Selling high dollar gift cards is hard and requires a team who are marketing and technology experts. Leveraging inKind's proven ability to sell high-dollar gift cards in hundreds of businesses to thousands of patrons lets you focus on what you're great at and love doing -- operating your business.
When you sell your own gift cards, you're less able to take advantage of 20-30% gift card breakage. Most states require you to give left-over card amounts to the state after a few years. However, inKind's gift card structure allows you to reclaim those benefits and save thousands of dollars.
Upfront Capital
It takes time to sell gift cards, and without inKind, you're guessing to see how much you can sell on your own. inKind's predictive model allows us to be confident in our ability to sell your gift cards, so we'll give you a lump sum upfront, before we even start marketing your business.
Ask our clients
"Thank you inKind for helping us make all this happen!"
Kevin Tien
Owner & Chef, Himitsu
"Small businesses, helping other small businesses. It's what it's all about."
Alan Clifford
CEO, Galley Foods
"inKind's value-add is much more than just the capital they provide. Their model helped strengthen the relationship we have with our customers."
Nick Phelps
Founder, From the Farmer
I community building so I was excited to work with inKind. What I didn't realize was how powerful it would be for the growth of my restaurant group.
Doron Petersan
Owner, Fare Well by Sticky Fingers
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